Robotica SA exists to bring together South African robot battle enthusiasts and professionals alike. Together, we build robots and then send them into battle to crush or be crushed!
Robotica Fight League is a place to learn, showcase and enjoy seeing your very own battle robot come to life in a community of fellow enthusiasts.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, take a minute to register an account and tell us a bit about yourself. Once your robot is built & battle-ready ready you can enter your robot to compete in the league.

What does it cost?

It is absolutely free to use to join the Robotica Fight League! You are required to purchase your own components though.

What are the Robotica Fight League competition rules?

Robotica Fight League robots are required to follow some basic rules when competing in official matches

  1. 1) Robots must have have a humanoid shape & design.
  2. 2) Robots must be larger than 100mm in legth and shorter than 500mm.
  3. 3) Robots may not weigh more than 10KG.
  4. 4) Robots may not use detchable weapons or projectiles
  5. 5) Robots may not use mechanized or motorized weapons.
  6. 6) Robots must be wireless controlled
  7. 7) Robots may be automated but are not required.
  8. 8) Teams may consist out of any number of members (including just one).

When & Where are Robotica Fight League matches held?

We hope that with enough interest we will be able to expand the league to have official matches all major cities in South Africa on a monthly bases. Currently all official matches are held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

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Please be sure to check back often for new updates and industry news. We will be working to make Robotica a better experience for all!

About Robotica

Robotica is proudly brought to you by Leobot Electronics. Robotica is here to help grow the South African robotics industry.

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